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BBS Internation School

Should Your Consulting Business Charge Flat Rates Or Hourly Rates?

Here are some of the standard ways to charge project management consulting rates. Projects have multiple moving parts from the initial planning and analysis phase by ensuring all people being impacted by a project are properly trained. Superior organizational skills are a given in any project manager or project management consultant job description.

You are making a statement and getting the baseline rate for consulting in your market. Many clients are going to offer consultants a share of their revenue or profits, which means we get close to a performance model system. Other ones may offer the client a commission and many pays based on the results that they start to see in their company. Perhaps the most important part of effectively raising your rate is to commit to doing it. Literally create a document titled “Rate Policy” and write down what rates you charge for what services. Or if you like to quote a price range , write down the variables that affect whether you quote the low end or high end.

IT consulting rates depend on the experience and stack of technologies consultants work with. If you go with a retainer, this means that you will have a monthly fee for working with your client. You together with the client decide how many hours this involves and these fees can be great for your business, especially because they are an income that you can rely on a longer period of time. Being an independent consultant means you will have to evaluate your expertise and knowledge, and always be adapting to the changes in the market. So, how can you find the right balance that is going to be fair for both you and your client? This article created by our team at Amelia and learn some tips on how to choose a rate that works best for you.

Educational differences in billing rates were consistent with the 2020 survey. Having a Ph.D. translated into a $45 higher median billing rate ($215 an hour), with 17.5% of respondents holding a Ph.D., or its equivalent. There is virtually no difference in hourly rate between those with a Bachelor’s degree and those with a Master’s degree. The average IT consulting rates vary depending on location, from $20 to $250, and more per hour. For instance, the average IT consulting rates in Central Europe is $25-$50/h. An IT consultant gets paid for the number of hours they’ve spent working on your project.

Hourly Rate For Industry: Business Consulting

If you want to practically raise your rates understanding basic supply/demand is far more useful. In many cases, it is not possible for you to know what value they will get out of the project, especially at the very beginning when you need to say what your rate is. Charge them based on the value you offer, not the effort you put in. The state of North Dakota was paying $200+/hr for SAP developers at one point. Not sure the why or how of that one, just saw it advertised on the state website.

They show up for a week or less of a shutdown, tune the spinny bits to perfection, do it on schedule, every time. The fee for a tuning was rumored to be $250,000, and the witchdoctors then disappears back to one of his three homes in the Caribbean, or to some inaccessible mountain retreat. According to the legends circulating around Sunday afternoon barbecues near my local power plant, these require super-human skill to tune. Hordes of fresh engineering graduates wielding Matlab has been broken by the challenge, resulting in dreaded shutdown overruns.

consulting fee rates

With these factors in mind, you can start building the framework of the consulting rate you’d like to charge. Using a formula or fee calculator like the examples listed below is a good jumping-off point. Peshev was born in Bulgaria and gained diverse management experience through his training work across Europe, North America, and the Arab world. With 10,000+ hours in consulting and training for organizations like SAP, VMware, CERN, he’s been helping hundreds of SMEs growing in different stages of the business lifecycle. Large corporations tend to hire niche consultants for areas of expertise outside their own comfort zone.

B Consulting Engagement

The global IT consulting market was valued at $53.7 billion in 2020, and it’s expected to reach $383 billion by 2026. The growing adoption of technological trends and ever-rising investment in advanced technologies will increase the demand for IT consulting. If you enjoyed reading this article on how much to charge for consulting, you should also check out this article on consulting buzzwords. When you charge by the hour you already should know that this is one of the most flexible pricing methods available.

The PPMD for one of the big 4 consulting firms was billing at $368/hr. I know someone who billed $1500/hr, 40+ hours week, for years.. He had been an employee, offshored himself, and when company needed his services.. I think it’s important to point out that part of the reason why individuals can charge rates comparable to large firms is that they offer a more personal experience. The OP is specifically asking for what individuals charge and not consulting firms.

Your consulting fee should be reasonable and affordable in order to attract first-time clients. Make your business competitive and marketable without compromising your desired net profit. Following these guidelines will help grow your business and set you on track to enjoy financial freedom. The consulting fee is also based on demand, so if there are very few consultants who can do what you do, you can typically charge higher rates.

Clients who have projects that meet certain guidelines as set by the SCC, and are willing to allow their data to be analyzed by statistics graduate students are encouraged to inquire about this option. Some projects may result in the publication of collaborative interdisciplinary research. In this case, it may be appropriate that co-authorship is granted to our consultant. We treat authorship, which is an acknowledgment of an intellectual contribution, as largely separate from the provision of funding, which is necessary to support the continued operation of the SCC. However, depending on the circumstances, the SCC may reduce or waive fees for work done by an SCC consultant who is operating in a collaborative role that includes co-authorship. As with any change, it’s best to get people used to the idea first.

Average It Consulting Rates By Industry

For instance, a firm could say they’ll bill for no less than six weeks for a project. However, if the job only takes three weeks, that clause means you’ll still pay for the six weeks of work, even though the consultants will already be heading off to their next engagement. For small and mid-size companies, our program is to keep rates affordable. We charge a $1,500 Monthly Retainer for up to 10 hours of assistance. For a nominal cost you can retain New York Business Valuation Consulting for the month and gain access to up to 10 hours of consulting or project work. Additional hours (must be pre-approved) lock at the $150/hour rate.

The downside is that the more expedient you become at your work, the less you are going to get paid. Once you have chosen your ideal salary, it is time to calculate your fee. Take the salary and divide it by the number of working weeks, and after again by 40 . This is where we post our latest content on how to be your best as a self-employed consultant. Nearly all articles are written by PICA’s Chief Advocate, Liz Steblay, based on her 20 years in consulting.

Then if the client elects to outsource some of that work, that is fine. Our goal is to have our clients pay us only for the time and effort we put in that adds value to what they can do themselves. Clockify lets you track how much time you spend working on projects and automatically calculates your earnings based on your hourly rates. Consultants have more of an advantage when the consulting fees charged to their clients are flexible based on preference.

  • $1500/hr to $2000/hr was the going rate for Stanford professors to be expert witnesses on patent law cases when i was consulting at DLA Piper.
  • Some firms also charge ancillary fees on top of their hourly rates.
  • You may think that you need to apologize to your customers because they signed up for a different price, and it’s normal to feel that way.
  • Our goal is to have our clients pay us only for the time and effort we put in that adds value to what they can do themselves.
  • It doesn’t dictate what you can charge but provides guidelines as to what you’re most likely to get.

After you’ve calculated ROI value, determine certain percentages as potential payment rates. As you negotiate with your client, you may offer to do more work for a higher percentage of the ROI value. Lastly, consultants bring a fresh perspective to a project, one that can work outside of office politics and sluggish bureaucracy that plagues many organizations, larger ones in particular. You hire a consulting firm to complete a job, not to placate to office dynamics. That’s not to say that a consultant comes in to ruffle feathers, of course, but their priority is the project, not appeasing the office curmudgeon. Fee Range $2,000- $15,000.The primary reason to invest in a motivational speaker is to introduce a new topic or to accelerate learning.

It will also be beneficial that you know that hourly fees have other advantages, as well as being a good consulting fee option. Charging by the hour may not be for everyone, but it is a straightforward, simple way of charging for your services. If your consulting work involves attending meetings, then hourly rates are a good option.

Factors That Impact Hourly Rates

If you’re confident in your abilities and know for certain that the project will be successful, you can end up making far more than you would with an hourly or fixed rate. But if the project flops, you’ll have wasted a lot of time and lost a lot of money. Charging an hourly rate is a great option when you’re not sure exactly how long a project will take you, since you don’t want to charge a flat rate and then have the project take far longer than you expected. According to, the range of a project management consultant salary is $66,591 – $88,774 per year, with the median at $76,115 annually. For example, the typical project management fees for small and mid-sized projects will differ widely from large-scale construction projects or multi-location technology upgrade projects.

consulting fee rates

Now that you’ve calculated your hourly rate for on-demand consulting and advisory services, you’re ready to embark on your new venture. You will be thrilled when you get that first check — but more importantly, congratulations on setting yourself consulting fee rates up for an independent and rewarding career path. Some people choose to start their consulting business with their name. Regardless of how you choose your business name, be sure to have business cards to give out to potential clients.

Sometimes, it could be an invite to a mastermind, a business event they host , a private Slack community, a free promotion at events, and a lot of other factors included in a larger package. The type of relationship would usually dictate the consulting rate. The project type of consulting engagement is usually non-recurring, while the service type is recurring. Others have a minimum cap of “one day” or some other arbitrary amount of work they feel as a minimum requirement to get a job done. This may include other factors like having to commute or conducting video training for in-house departments.

Other projects are more digital in nature, requiring some expertise in business technology in the project management consultant job description. Respondents working with clients in Utilities again reported the highest median hourly rates at $190 an hour. Those working with educational institutions and private defense industry reported a median hourly rate $20 below the overall median ($150 an hour). We recommend that you also use a daily rate as a starting point for all of your rates. This can make things easier when deciding the price that you want to charge.

Types Of Accounting Firms

If you’re fast, you actually “buy” yourself more free time for personal projects, pursuing learning opportunities, developing info-products, etc. Which means, you have to take on more and more clients to make the same amount of money. This was the trap I fell into when I was still charging by the hour. Your overhead costs will increase, as you have to track time and present a detailed itemization to the client. The following are the pros of charging your consulting clients by the hour. Make sure you know the problems your business faces before hiring a consultant.

Successful Independent Consulting

You may choose to negotiate non-cash items as part of your payment, like a positive review on your website. To decide how much to charge, consider the payment range for consultants in your industry and set your price near the bottom. Another method to determine your consultant hourly rate is to set a salary goal if you have a specific amount you want to make in a year. For example, if you’d like to earn $75,000 a year, you need to decide how many hours a week you want to work and then calculate how many hours you need to work in a year.

How And How Much Should I Charge As A Consultant?

I’ve seen someone get a few credentials at a company run a canned script & generate $50k in billable fees. The company was happy to pay it because it saved them $500k in recurring fees. Several jobs ago we had an external hard drive that was plugged in under an IT guys desk.

In fact, you should probably assume there are going to be overruns whenever you use a flat fee structure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the other direction, so if they finish the project early, don’t expect a refund. Of course, one of the most significant differences between those solutions is their fees and hourly rates.

Set A Salary Goal

With hourly billing, I’m not creating much freedom and flexibility — which is what most consultants want. You may find that you have more clients than you can handle. This might suggest that you have priced your services too low and need to increase them. This will take some time and some tweaking before you find the sweet spot in pricing.

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