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Nintendo Switch Prices, Trade In Values And Places To Sell

I guess I’m an opportunist for doing this. But I’m already setting money aside for a liquidation sale, similar to the Toys R Us situation. Without a significant change, I don’t see them surviving the next console generation. GameStop is like a mom & pop store so not sure what your grip is but is misplaced here. Barnes and Noble is still around so your analysis is poorly done here.

gamestop website broken

@Illusion They weren’t priced out, loss led, or inconvenienced. The same way Sears, Toys R’ Us, etc. etc. were. They had exclusive deals and relationships with manufacturers. They had similar promotions they discarded. They have a website just like everyone else’s they never utilize properly and don’t use their position to offer advantages. You need an advantage to be a specialty store, but they never wanted to spend money to offer advantages.

They aren’t really competitive with other retail stores and dedicated video game stores aren’t really a thing anymore because of them. All of their efforts to change things seems like too little too late, especially as they are apparently unwilling to offer competitive deals. We loose more and more shops due to online sales. I´m the kind of gamer who likes physical copies of my games and I still like to go to local game stores to buy them even if they cost me a few €€€ more. I guess it’s because the local game stores other than Gamestop still exist in my area. Honestly though, I don’t think it’s their fault.

Gamestop Website Access Denied

Demand/rarity also determines the price of these goods. That’s why Mega Man 5 is 90+ bucks, and Mega Man 2 is around 20. Just saying, Gamestop is not the absolute worst thing that could have happened to retail games. The slice of the market that is digital sales grows every year. The sad truth is many of its predecessors that it bought/absorbed were much better stores that could have weathered the atmosphere much better. And by then the damage was too late and the shrinking of physical (and therefore used – nearly-free inventory!) hit at the right time they couldn’t pull out of the feefall.

  • One of them even specializes in Japanese imports only, and they’ve been in business for 15 years.
  • It is hard to mourn them considering the way they ruined the video game retail industry.
  • Also our automated website uptime checker tool tested the website 37 minutes ago for any possible issues and found that it is working fine.
  • And by then the damage was too late and the shrinking of physical (and therefore used – nearly-free inventory!) hit at the right time they couldn’t pull out of the feefall.
  • On one hand, game stop has killed off so many indy game stores in my area over the years, and has horrible customer service.
  • I´m the kind of gamer who likes physical copies of my games and I still like to go to local game stores to buy them even if they cost me a few €€€ more.
  • I’m literally surrounded by 9-10 of them, all within an hour or less driving distance.

That argument is going to depend on what area you’re in. Again, I disagree with the competitive deals thing. I go to Target and Horizon Zero Dawn is $20 new and I go to Gamestop and get it for $8 used. I know they aren’t perfect; no company is. They sure do make a lot of mistakes in their marketing, like forcing their employees to have these long-winded greetings when they pick up the phone.

I’m still not sure why you are convinced that dedicated game stores are no longer a thing because of them. I’m literally surrounded by 9-10 of them, all within an hour or less driving distance. One of them even specializes in Japanese imports only, and they’ve been in business for 15 years.

While I’m not fond of some of GameStop’s policies , most of the regular employees in my local branch are decent, knowledgeable people. I’ve only ever had one negative experience there, and the employee that was partially responsible for it has been gone for years. I wonder how this will affect EB Games Canada, which in my city is pretty much the only brick and mortar store you can pre-order anything from. These stores can help the community when done right.

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Nintendo Switch Price Factors

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And this is a company that due to their mergers have at times had two stores in the same mall/shopping center and another one across the street. They trimmed a lot of those out, but I’m sure some remain. With 95% being profitable closing the 200 or so 5% losing money seems like a good business move. I don’t understand the hate GameStop gets. Like any other retailer you can’t expect to get stellar service at every store. My local store is friendly, knowledgeable and just overall I really nice place.

All the Gamestops in my surrounding area have stellar people, so I hope they remain unaffected. I hope the company stays afloat, but it does make sense with gaming creeping towards all digital that they start to taper down. Either that or they should grab the used game industry by the balls and be the go-to place for retro games.

Bloomberg Daybreak

You can flush this data cache by following the steps given on this page. Many of said gamers received the infamous access denied message. Lately, hundreds of gamers bombard GameStop’s site every time a console restock is announced. Thirst for Justice Members of an Arizona indigenous community suffer cancer and premature death that GameStop review experts and activists say are directly related to local uranium mines. @JayJ It’s funny you used B&N as your comparison example considering as I pointed out above, Gamestop IS B&N. Or was spawned by them and run by then before they spun it off as it’s own company. And GS’s executive board consists largely of B&N board/investors.

I think a gaming store concept could work, but they have to offer stuff that you can’t get online, like experience. The only reason we still have the full library of games from systems like NES, SNES, GB, GG, Genesis, etc today is because of physical media. With out the physical games, most of these libraries would be completely gone. GS is going to slim down and streamline, but their supposed complete blockbuster-like collapse isnt as imminent as many youtube and industry arm chair prognosticators would lead you to believe. The fact PS5 and Scarlet are going to have an optical drive in at least one iteration of their consoles is going to keep the company as a whole going for awhile yet.

The store that will only sell you a Wii in a bundle with a bunch of games and accessories. The store that put their Switch allotment aside to do the same, while other stores were selling them. The store that massively oversells pre-orders ROUTINELY.

gamestop website broken

They’ll have gone the way of Blockbuster before long. They either can’t or won’t compete with online. And whether the physical devoted like it or not, digital sales are coming to dominate the market (if they haven’t overtaken yet). @HaTTrick71 We’re only talking about Gamestop, so no comparisons are allowed? And of course, some people have had negative experiences, but that goes for all stores. I just thought it was kinda silly for some users to be like, “yeah, burn ’em all down!” when really it’s not as bad as it sounds.

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So I just walked out, walked 200 steps down the parking lot to Best Buy and bought a shiny sealed copy. It’s about what’s good for them, and they’ll argue with you about what’s good for them, when their competitor is literally in visual range offering the better result…. GameStop inherited their leadership….unfortunately for them. Maybe it’s just because I’m an older gamer , but I 100% prefer physical copies of games over digital purchases. The GameStop by me isn’t bad but their selection is so limited and their prices are high compared to other stores or online retailers that I rarely have any reason to go there.

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Hopefully employees in the stores affected will get support from GameStop in finding new employment. @redd214 Gamestops are the last of their kind because they bought out all the better game stores back in the day so all we have had is mediocre ass gamestops. It is hard to mourn them considering the way they ruined the video game retail industry. Honestly that is just yet another example of their problem.

The store that spent fortunes buying out all of it’s competitors for years to shut them down and merge them. The store that infamously opened it’s entire exclusive Xenoblade Wii allotment to sell it used for a higher price than new. The store that sells OPENED, possibly used discs as “new” games.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Everything is going online now in this day and age. Gamestop’s history isn’t just a matter of an outgunned video game specialty boutique that is struggling. They’re a Fortune 500 from the heart of the 90’s and 00’s big box consolidation effort, created by and inextricably tied to B&N . There were better alternatives, including much better chains that understood the business they were in, but the investor-driven expansionist B&N made sure that only their brand remained. EB and such can sit next to Walden and Borders with stores that were outmaneuvered by a finance-driven B&N. @Mr_Muscle Well we’re not talking about Gamedude or any other retailer, we’re talking about GameStop.

Once upon a time there were several major competing chains, plus a large number of independent stores, plus the big box stores. Among all of them, GameStop was always the worst of the bunch. Electronics Boutique was a fantastic store with great stores, policies, etc. Babbages, which is actually the company that morphed into GameStop eventually was similarly excellent, if not superior, though it was more PC focused. Funcoland always seemed a bit exploitative in they way they pushed their overpriced used market.

Gamestop Com

Companies offer nothing for a gamer anymore. I am glad I started collecting as I have plenty to keep me busy. @NoxAeturnus per capita game sells decline a little every year due to digital. The fact that you are only renting something instead of buying and the fact that digital he’s out for a year after release cost the on release has driven sales away and to physical. Most gamers buy, trade and sell their games when they are done with them and with digital that is not a option which leads to fewer game sells for newer games. Industries are ruining gaming as we speak.

Payless Shoesource has been out of business since the beginning of 2019. Sears is heard to possibly go out of business as well. I heard that our whole strip mall is set to fully go out of business as well, and that includes JCPenny, Hallmark, Victoria’s Secret, TJMax, Tilt Entertainment, Old Navy, Rue21, Macy’s, etc. But all this is supposedly a rumour, if it does happen, I’d be half surprised and not-so-surprised. I believe all stores except big shopping chains like Walmart, Target, maybe Academy Sports + Outdoors, will stay.

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By using this site, you are agreeing to security monitoring and auditing. It’s sad but yes it is true and honestly I have enough games to last me as it is until I die 10 times over. I don’t need the newer crap as none of it is ever a full game anyways.

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And the store that infamously gives you pennies on the dollar for their trade-in lifeblood. That’s colossal large scale mismanagement by running a boutique specialty chain like it’s a futures trading brokerage. @JayJ Hm, sounds like they would rather you walk into the store than have them ship to you, which is probably why they have shipping charges like that.

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